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The How-To Site for Organizing Peaceful Protests

Read this guide to learn what you need to do to prepare and organize a successful rally or protest that is peaceful, safe, and effective!

Rallies and protests are a great way to raise visibility and concerns about critical issues in society. It can help send important messages to the decision-makers and spread awareness to the public. It can be a quick way to bring attention to a big issue and potentially get desired changes. As the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

However, not every rally or protest runs smoothly or ends successfully in the end, but it is always worth a shot. For example, if you don’t know how to host a rally or protest, you may find that no one or very few people show up to it, it doesn’t get media attention, you get told or forced to leave the property, opposition groups may try to hijack it and turn it violent, along with a lot of other problems. [Read More]

Welcome to Organize Protest, a site designed to help freedom-loving people hold rallies and protest issues they care about.

This site was created with the mission of educating and informing people who want to organize protests or rallies but aren't sure how. But, even if you have organized some in the past, you will also find the guides and other materials on our site helpful.

Our guides are designed to help you adequately prepare and hold a safe and peaceful event.

Before you get started, we encourage you to look for existing rallies and protests in your area, please see the list on You can also get your rally or protest listed on the site for free.

Freedom Rally is a new site that is building a list of upcoming rallies and protests from around the world. You can search by date range and location to see if there are any planned near you. It can help you team up with others that are in support of your cause, which can lead to a bigger crowd and greater impact.

Keep the Peace

We care about your safety and the success of your event, so we encourage you to hold peaceful demonstrations and rallies, and make every effort possible to ensure it is safe for all. We do not encourage or support violence or criminal activities for any reason.

Please obey your local ordinances and do your best to keep you, your family, and other people safe. There are other ways to communicate and prove a point without the need for violence or breaking the law.